Shine on Me: Leo’s Desire for the Spotlight

Look at me. Notice me. Acknowledge me. This is the energy of Leo…whether they are willing to admit it or not. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s are definitely the types that want to be the center of attention. Whether it is within their friend group, with their lovers, or as a parent, Leo has a desire to be seen and acknowledged by others. While Leo’s desire to be validated by other people is annoying, it is important to acknowledge the reasons why Leo craves the spotlight while simultaneously believing they are special from the masses from which they seek attention. Continue to read on to find out why Leo seeks the spotlight.

Leo & Its Relationship to the Sun

In order to understand why Leo seeks attention, it is important to consider Leo’s association with the Sun. When we consider the sun in our solar system, it is the main luminary that all of the planetary bodies orbit. It is the center. Being the center, the sun has a special place as a fixed anchor that provides energy to the orbiting planetary bodies. Those planets that are closer to the Sun such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars get the most warmth while planets further away from the Sun such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are less likely to experience the warmth of the Sun’s rays. Nevertheless, the Sun is the center just like Leo considers itself to be the center of its own environment.

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