A Guide to the Best Christmas Action Movies for a Festive Movie Marathon

It’s Christmas, so we can pretty much count on another hundred thousand sappy holiday movies added to the Lifetime, Hallmark, Netflix, and Amazon Prime movie catalogs. For many, those ooey-gooey romantic Christmas movies are like candy — they just can’t get enough and their collective sweet tooth is forever unsatiated. And for others, we can pretty much do without and still have a very merry Christmas. And for one elite group of film buffs that enjoy action movies AND Christmas movies, you can find comfort in knowing that for every hundred thousand sappy romance Christmas movies starring recycled pseudo-celebrities, the movie industry provides the world with one killer Christmas action movie.

When Violent Night premiered in October 2022, the world received yet another addition to the Christmas action films canon. The movie stars David Harbour (of Stranger Things fame) as an apathetic Santa Clause with a drinking problem.

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