Why Your Social Media Accounts Matter When You’re Applying to College

Imagine working hard through high school, putting in late nights, earning high grades and finally gaining acceptance to one of the most prestigious universities in the world–only to have your acceptance rescinded when admissions officers viewed your social media pages. This is what happened to one Harvard University hopeful after school officials found some questionable content on her public Facebook page. If you think the inflammatory post you made two years ago won’t hurt your chances of getting into the college of your dreams, think again. Colleges look at students’ social media and often make admissions decisions based on what they find.

Grades are Not Enough

The college admission landscape is tough, and with so many high-achieving students vying for just a few slots at the most popular colleges, admissions officers have a hard job. When faced with two candidates with identical credentials, officers look to a student’s character as the ultimate tie breaker. Social media has grown ever popular in recent years, and billions of people around the world use these platforms to share the events of their lives with friends and family, engage in discussions and espouse their opinions of a variety of topics. It is that free exchange of ideas in a public forum that often gets students into hot water when it comes to applying for college.

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