McDonald’s Introduces The McPlant Burger

Is The McPlant Burger McDonald's Answers For The Future?

If you think McPlant is a creature out of a bad 1980s horror movie, you’re wrong. If you think it’s the newest addition to McDonald’s menu, you’re totally right. McDonald’s is bringing its own plant-based burger to the masses in 2021. The McPlant hopes to make a big impact in the forever-changing food chain world.

Running With The Bulls

McDonald’s isn’t the first to bring out a plant-based menu item. In the last few years, almost every food chain introduced the world to its own meatless burger. Chipotle even goes with tofu-based burritos. White Castle has its own meatless slider, Burger King and Del Taco go with plant-based meat. The list of fast-food chains trying this new trend is long. Many Americans went from never hearing the word “plant-based,” to see it on regular menus. These aren’t your everyday bean veggie burgers. These use meat substitutes with the same taste and texture as red meat. They can be eaten by herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

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