Hopeful New Beginnings With The New Moon in Sagittarius

This month’s new moon on November 23rd is in the optimistic, hopeful sign of Sagittarius. This offers us new beginnings that bring abundance, prosperity, and joy. This new moon is a welcome experience given last month’s heavy solar and lunar eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus. Now we have the opportunity to be generous and optimistic and really enjoy expanding ourselves by seeking out positivity and new experiences. Newness comes when we truly believe with all our hearts and souls that life is an abundant experience just waiting to be enjoyed.

A New Moon Of Faith
This new moon in Sagittarius is definitely one of faith. If you have been needing a boost, this new moon offers new beginnings with hope. When life gets to be a bit much, and it is hard to see the first for the trees, sometimes faith and optimism are needed to get us through the rough patches. There’s no better sign to offer new beginnings with a lot of hope than Sagittarius. Sagittarius teaches us that it’s all about our perspectives. The more we are willing to expand our minds and see that we can be happy the more likely we are to attract abundance to ourselves.

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