Snuggle Up With These New Holiday Movies in 2022

The holiday season is upon up! There is no time of year more snuggly and cozy than Christmastime and the holiday season. From spending time with loved ones, decorating your home, baking sweet holiday treats, venturing out to check off all of those items on your shopping list, to gifting those bright, beautiful packages (and receiving them, too!), the holiday season is the perfect antidote for all of the stress built up over the year.

It seems like each year the holiday season comes a little earlier. Maybe it’s just because we notice these things more, or maybe it’s because the world just can’t wait for the holidays to start, but it seems like every year the stores are playing Christmas music and decking their halls long before Thanksgiving. Not that we’re complaining — we love the holidays! And one of the best parts is that our favorite new holiday movies set to release in 2022 are right around the corner. Whether you are a Lifetime purist or have converted to a Hallmark and Netflix junkie, there is something for everyone.

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