Updates at Disney Parks: Is the Disney Magic Gone?

Some fans think the parks may never be the same

It has been an unprecedented 2.5 years for the Disney Parks. Starting with the extended closures of China parks starting in late 2019, through the beginning of the COVID pandemic, to this new COVID reality, attendance numbers have dropped, stayed flat, and, in some cases, just started to increase when most parks were able to once again return to semi-normal operations.

With most people in the U.S. just starting to get comfortable traveling again, it has come to a shock to many fans just how much change has taken place, and what is new is not, in their opinion, necessarily better. 3 days of tickets to Disney World costs upwards of $1,500 for a family of three, and the cheapest hotel in a prime location on property is around $500 a night. Since the vacation as a whole would cost roughly $4,000 to $5,000, many are delaying their trips to space them out further apart—or forgoing their trips altogether.

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