Smoke Begins to Slightly Clear as Fires Still Rage in California

Southern California the Epicenter of the Worst Smoke in the Golden State This Week

According to a Sunday report by authorities at the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL Fire), there have been more than 7,900 wildfires in the state since August 15. In addition to a massive amount of scorched acreage, the fires are also responsible for at least 26 deaths and the destruction of more than 6,100 structures. Eight of the largest fires have burned at least 100,000 acres each. This startling new report puts into sharp focus the terror that the state has had to battle over the last month.

Latest on California’s Biggest Fires: Firefighters are having a challenging time finding relief from the growing flames. Just as they make progress with one fire, another blaze will begin to intensify. Almost 19,000 firefighters are now going to work to try to control the spread of the raging infernos. California Gov. Gavin Newsom warned that the damage assessments are still ongoing, meaning that the structural damage is likely far greater than what official reports may indicate at this time.

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