Acting Out of Confusion with Mars in Gemini Square Neptune


October 11th brings in some interesting yet confusing astrological energy as Mars in Gemini squares off with nebulous, mystical Neptune in Pisces. This can play out as acting out of confusion. While Mars in Gemini has us very active and curious as the on-the-go messenger, Neptune in Pisces will put a damper on our energy. While we may want to make moves on incoming information courtesy of Mars in Gemini, there’s a good possibility that we’ll just end up more confused because the information is not as it appears to be. Deception, lies, miscommunication, drama, uncertainty, and suspicion are high under this aspect. If you can, avoid taking action on incoming information and channel this energy into curiously pursuing creative and spiritual endeavors…preferably on your own.

Acting on Confusion
With Mars currently transiting Gemini, we are motivated to take action due to our curiosity and incoming informative stimuli. However, with this square with Neptune in Pisces, it’s important that we be very wary of how we act on any information that we receive at this time as all is not as it seems. With Gemini and Pisces as mutable signs, any information we get can be manipulated making it not as accurate as we may think.

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