How To Forgive According to Your Zodiac Sign

Forgiveness is necessary, but it can be quite difficult to do at times. Usually, when there’s a situation that calls for forgiveness, someone feels slighted for some reason. Forgiveness can be especially hard when there has been a betrayal. However, there’s an old saying that holding onto bitterness towards another person hurts you more than it hurts the other person. To help everyone release the baggage and finally be able to forgive, this overview offers tips on how each zodiac sign can draw a truce and incorporate forgiveness in their lives.

The Fire Signs

While you anger easily, you aren’t likely to stay angry for long…unless a major violation is committed. You blow off steam and are usually back to your usual self. If you happen to feel slighted, it’s best to move away from the situation and/or person to collect yourself. Once you have collected yourself, you are in a better position to have a direct conversation that could lead to reconciliation and forgiveness.

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