Late January Moon Worth A Look

If you love to study the night sky, 2021 continues to thrill!

The night sky in late January 2021 has a lot to offer stargazers in the northern hemisphere. Keep an eye straight south for the moon to clear the horizon on January 21, and once Orion is visible, look straight up. Carefully reviewing the angles, you will be able to spot Mars easily at 2 o’clock, and at 4 o’clock from Mars you will see Uranus.

The close passing of the moon and Mars is an ideal time to study the far distant planet Uranus. Because it’s so far out, this little planet can get lost in the vastness of the sky. Try to get out on the 21st or 22nd at the latest; by the 23rd, the angles will not be as easy to read and the moon will be at three-quarters.

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