Crimetown Podcast: A Documentary Fused With Drama elements


There’s a particular morbid fascination with the topic of mobsters

Crime shows have always been popular, and there’s a massive following for the Crimetown podcast because it offers you a bloody good time with some engaging stories. Many people view history as boring, but specific topics can chill your spine, like late 20th century mobsters who have no regard for human life. They only sought to grow in power and prestige; along the way, much blood spilled. You will enjoy this podcast because it gives you raw, unfiltered perspectives of the mobsters who lead a crusade against authorities.

It’s not a podcast for the faint of heart because you experience some gruesome scenarios. Mobsters’ impact on America was obviously negative, but they have always exuded a charm that sparks society’s fascination. This allure is partially due to movies like Scarface and other media, but it’s convenient to listen from anywhere about the history and crime lord personalities.

Crimetown looks at corruption in the context of political power

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