Responsible for Freedom with Saturn Direct in Aquarius

Starting October 10, 2021, Saturn finally moves direct in the sign of Aquarius. After spending several months retrograde, the planet of limitations, structure, accountability, and responsibility gets the green light and is geared up and ready to go! Saturn’s forward movement is like a breath of fresh air allowing us to move forward with far fewer limitations and restrictions. Incorporating the lessons from Saturn retrograde into our forward movement will ensure that we are taking action in a concrete, solid manner that honors our individuality while assisting humanity.

Less Restrictions & Limitations

With Saturn’s forward movement in the sign of Aquarius, we finally get a big sigh of relief. All of those limitations, obstacles, and starts and stops that are often experienced with Saturn retrograde finally let up. Now is a perfect time to take all of the lessons and insights learned from the Saturn retrograde and apply them in a practical, concrete manner. It’s important to remember that Saturn is the planetary ruler of the sign of Capricorn. As an earth sign, Capricorn wants to see results for its actions. Also, as a cardinal sign, Capricorn and Saturn energy is relegated to taking action in order to see its concrete plans materialized in the physical realm.

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