Zoom’s Additional Feature to Prevent Children from Being Distracted

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed people’s way of living entirely. Before the pandemic, we used to have classroom lessons with blackboards, but now we have Zoom classes. Zoom has become a crucial part of many kids’ experiences. With Zoom classes, children and other people have to stare at the screen for a better part of the day. However, it is difficult for children to focus with several distractions around. Even adults find it hard to concentrate with the distractions.

Children and grown-ups can lose focus by hearing what is playing on the television screen or looking at dogs or other kids playing outside the window. To help individuals, especially children pay full attention to the instructor, the cloud meeting company, Zoom, has introduced Focus mode to its video conferencing tool. They did this in a blog post with back-to-school tips for guardians and parents. The new feature aims to improve the teaching environments like classes.

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