What a Clutz! The Most Accident-Prone Zodiac Signs

Let’s face it, we all can be a little clumsy every now and then. However, there are some of us that are prone to accidents. Whether it’s tripping over your feet or bumping into a table, there are specific zodiac signs that are more likely to cause issues for themselves due to their clumsy behavior. The following are the most accident-prone zodiac signs. Keep reading below to see if your sign made the list.


The archer makes the list as one of the most accident-prone zodiac signs because of its propensity to get caught up in moving forward. Sagittarius is known for its forward-thinking and progression, and just like the arrow that’s released from the Archer’s bow, Sagittarius is always looking for greener pastures and something beyond this current experience. It is because of this far-reaching, forward-thinking perspective that Sagittarius can lend itself to being a bit accident-prone. Sagittarius gets so caught up in its higher mind that at times it can be neglectful of its current state. If a particular Sagittarius has earth’s energy via placements in Capricorn, this could reduce the possibility of being accident-prone significantly due to the grounding effect of the earthy Capricorn energy. Without the grounding earth energy, Sagittarius is likely to be very up in his head which could lead to being absent-minded or so focused on having an experience that it doesn’t ground itself which can result in minor and major accidents.


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