Your Defining Features According to Astrology


Did you know that there are certain physical features that are associated with specific zodiac signs? Well, they are. Whether you have the gorgeous, long mane of a Leo or the magnetic hypnotic eyes of a Scorpio, there are specific physical features that are attributed to certain zodiac signs. It should be noted that while the sun sign is important in determining which physical features are aligned with specific zodiac signs, it is also important to consider the rising sign as this is how we present to the world. The following is an overview of the most pronounced physical features for each zodiac sign.

The eyebrows are Aries’ most definitive physical feature. In general, Aries rules the head, and the eyebrows are synonymous with the horns of the ram. If you’re an Aries sun or rising, make it a point to keep your eyebrows well-groomed as they add a lot of character to your face.

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