Watch Out! The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

Have you ever considered which zodiac signs are the ones to look out for? You know what I mean. The zodiac signs are the ones that are the most dangerous. The ones that will give you the most trouble in the end? Keep reading below to find out more about the most dangerous zodiac signs, their characteristics, and what makes them so dangerous.


Topping off the list of the most dangerous zodiac signs is Cancer. This may come as a shock to some because of the typically nurturing and caring characteristics of this particular sign. However, according to FBI statistics, it has been found that Cancers are the ones who are most likely to be arrested! Also, when Cancers are arrested it appears that their crimes are more likely to be serious when compared to other zodiac signs. This may be because of the rulership of the Moon. The Moon can make people act kind of looney. The moon is also associated with a rise in unpredictable behavior. A perfect example of this is the rise in emergency room visits during a full moon. It appears that Cancers could get upset and are likely to snap. It is for this reason that Cancer is considered one of the most dangerous zodiac signs.


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