The Ball & Chain of Love with Venus/Saturn


Have you ever wondered why some relationships seem to work out and others just don’t? Have you ever wondered why relationships with specific people just have a stick-together vibe while other relationships feel fly-by-night? Well, there is astrology to the cohesiveness of relationships. While everyone focuses on Venus as the planet of love and beauty for their relationship questions and answers, it is important to note that Venus alone does not guarantee solid relationships. Yes, Venus can bring other people into our space in order to relate. However, it is important to remember that Libra is an air sign, and it is always weighing its options. Thus, a bit more is needed in order to have solid relationships that last. Venus-Saturn connections often show relationships that have a sticking quality. Continue to read below to find out more about the relationship between Venus and Saturn and whether individuals are staying together because they love each other or out of obligation.

Getting a Love that “Sticks”

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