There’s still a chance to see The Northern Lights Tonight from the U.S.


While many people take special trips to Iceland or Alaska to see the northern lights, depending on where you live in the United States, you may not have to travel to see them at all this week. The light curtains, which are officially called aurora borealis, may be visible in the northern sky to residents in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Northern New England and other northern locations through Wednesday night. Residents in Montana’s remote areas already reported seeing the northern lights on Sunday night, but they should also be able to view them through Wednesday, assuming weather conditions cooperate.

You do not need any special equipment to see the aurora borealis in most cases, but you do need to be a night owl. The chances are that they will not appear until after 11 p.m. Your best chance of seeing them is after the moon sets at about 3:30 a.m. You may want to bring a DSLR camera with you if you are determined to see the northern lights. Set the camera to burst mode so that it is continually taking about 15-to-30 images. Often, cameras can pick up the northern lights when the naked eye cannot see them.

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