Working to Make it Happen with the Sextile Aspect


If there was ever energy in astrology that requires you to put in a little work in order to reap positive benefits, then it would definitely be the sextile aspect. The sextile aspect is one of the beneficial astrological aspects that are willing to provide benefits based on your efforts. Unlike trine aspects that simply grace you with positivity and goodies for simply breathing, sextiles present you with opportunities that you have to grab. The major benefit of the sextile aspect is that you are a lot less likely to take this energy for granted or get a case of laziness as with the trine energy. If you want to know how to make the most of your sextile aspect in your natal chart, read on for more details.

The Sextile Aspect in Astrology
Sextile energy in astrology is beneficial, but if you want to get the benefits from this energy you have to do a little work. This aspect refers to the 60-degree energy exchange between harmonious astrological signs. An example of this would be planets in air signs aspecting planets in fire signs or planets in earth and water signs respecting each other. The sextile energy is not as harmonious as the trine aspect which relates to aspects between zodiac signs in the same elements. Trine energy is known for ease that can result in inertia and taking the good things for granted whereas sextile energy requires a bit of motivation to get the good energy moving.

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