Crazy for Crab: 7 Easy & Delicious Crab Recipes To Make at Home

Are you a huge seafood fan? Perhaps you have tried all of the fish, mussels, clams and scallops that you wanted, and are looking for something new. If you are ready to dive in and up your seafood recipe game, give crab a try! Our compilation of droll-worthy, tasty ideas will satisfy and delight. But first, we want to make it clear how nutritious crab is. It is packed with protein, which aids in muscle and protein building in the body. Additionally, it contains many omega-3 fatty acids, as well as good amounts of selenium and vitamin B12. As a whole, these nutrients help the body in numerous ways, from improving overall health to helping ward off illnesses and chronic conditions. Should you not be sold on crab from a nutrition standpoint after reading this, we hope you will be after looking at all of these recipes. So, let us get started!

Best Ever Crab Cakes

These bite-sized portions of crab are almost everything you like in a burger, but with a seafood twist. A juicy interior, a fluffy bun, if you so choose, and a delectable sauce. Serve with either mayo or tartar sauce for a traditional take, or, if you like to kick things up, try hot sauce. Squeeze some lemon juice on top add plenty of panko bread crumbs as a binder and you are golden. While these look fabulous when plated with a side salad, they also work with a boozy brunch.

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