Mind, Body Spirit Synthesis with the Virgo Full Moon

On February 27th, the moon will express itself fully in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is considered to be a self-oriented sign that understands that in order to live a full complete life it is necessary to create well thought out and implemented systems. Full moon energy is related to oppositions where the Sun and the Moon stand across from each other. Thus, at this time, the Sun will be in the sign of Pisces. This is important to understand as Virgo is a sign that involves the integration of Self while Pisces is focused on the release of Self in order to blend with Oneness. With this full moon in Virgo, we all have the opportunity to learn how to create systems that will help us live more productive, integrated lives on a daily basis while also considering how we can pull from the realm of spirit in order to make our practical everyday lives more fulfilling.

The Full Moon in Virgo Experience

The Moon is a very special planetary body as it reflects what we need in order to feel safe. When the moon moves into the sign of Virgo, feeling safe is related to creating clarity and order especially in the realm of the mind and the emotions. Virgo is an earth sign so there is always a need to feel grounded. Thus, Virgo will seek to organize anything that is disorganized or chaotic. This can also produce the effects of being critical with oneself and with others in an attempt to right wrongs or make the imperfect perfect. Virgo does not like the unexpected because it doesn’t know how to process it in its developed, organized system. Clarity and order are important for gaining valuable insights and living a life that is productive in a meaningful, humble manner.

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