Notice Me!: The Astrological Signs that Love Attention


Many people enjoy a little affection and attention at times. It makes us feel seen and validated. However, there are some astrological signs that are more likely to crave the spotlight for the supply of admiration and adoration that it provides. The spotlight is not for everyone, but for those that are comfortable in it…why not enjoy it?! The following are some of the astrological signs that are most comfortable in the spotlight.

Leo, the King & Queen of the Jungle
Let’s start off strong with the king and queen of the zodiac, Leo. Leo is well-known for its love of the spotlight. Remember, this is the sign that is represented by the sun. The sun is the center of the solar system with all planets revolving around it. This is the perfect analogy for how Leo views itself…as the center. As the center, Leo wants to be noticed and seen. Anything less than this can result in epic dramatic displays until someone caves in and gives Leo the attention that it desires. When you are the queen and king of the zodiac, all eyes should be on you which is why Leo is the resident owner of the zodiac spotlight. So, lay on the complements. Leo is sure to eat them up!

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