Manipulating Spirituality through Astrology

Have you ever heard of the term spiritual bypass? It’s the use of spiritual concepts and ideas in order to avoid one’s issues and problems. It happens a lot more than we think, and it is an issue. Because spirituality has become all the rave with everyone being interested in astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination and alternative spiritual practice, it is important to explore spiritual bypass and understand how it shows up in our lives. Continue to read on to find out more about the concept known as spiritual bypass.

What is Spiritual Bypass?

The term spiritual bypass was created by the psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher John Wellwood in 1984. He came up with this term after noticing that there were people who were turning to spirituality to avoid dealing with difficult elements of their personality and/or life circumstances. Wellwood noticed that individuals used spirituality as a convenient and effective way to bypass their own obvious issues and problems. In many ways, spirituality is used to circumvent major issues and because there’s such a focus on spiritual practices and becoming “better” through spirituality, individuals are not really dealing with the true sources of their discontent.

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