Understanding the Complexity of Virgo Men


For many people who find themselves romantically interested in a Virgo man, the initial stages of a relationship can be complex to say the least: While Virgo men tend to have a perfectionistic streak that can make a relationship with them seem too good to be true at times, a relationship with a Virgo isn’t always easy. Here are just a few ways to navigate this complex issue in astrology and discover if a Virgo man is right for you.

1. The Qualities That Virgo Men Possess
In general, Virgo Men tend to take a very critical view of the world around them. (This is almost doubly true of Moon Virgos; for men born under this sign, the world can often appear to be a giant logic puzzle that must be worked out with patience and fortitude. A Mercury retrograde can essentially put these Virgos into intellectual hyperdrive.) To wit, Virgo men tend to reserve judgment about an issue until they have considered it from every angle. For many people interested in Virgo men, this quality can produce the feeling of “hitting a wall” in the early stages of a relationship. To wit, Virgo men do not tend to reveal all of their thoughts about the way things are going in a relationship all at once.

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