The Square Aspect in Astrology


Aspects are an important feature of astrology as they help us to understand how energies between planets interact. The main astrological aspects include the trine, sextile, conjunction, opposition, and the square. Each of these energetic patterns provides additional Insight on how we will experience the energy between two planets in the natal chart as well as in other astrological analysis such as transits and relationship or compatibility charts. The square aspect is especially interesting because it denotes a difficult exchange of energy between two or more planetary bodies. Just like the sharp edges of a square, individuals that have significant or prominent squares in their natal charts have a heavy understanding that sometimes life is not easy. However, despite squares being tough, there is great wisdom that comes with learning to navigate the square energy so that it can be utilized in a productive manner.

What is the Square Aspect in Astrology
The square aspect in astrology is often highly maligned. When people see squares in their natal chart or when getting an astrology consultation, they usually sigh and lament over all the troubles those pesky squares have been putting them through. The truth of the matter is that yes, squares can be difficult to deal with. Just like the shape, the sharp edges of the square create less than comfortable circumstances that the holders of the square aspects must acknowledge whether they want to or not. The key to this energy is not to avoid the square, because you can’t. The best way to deal with a square is to acknowledge that there are some energetic issues happening that must be addressed in order to learn the necessary lessons and evolve.

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