Lilith-The Goddess Asteroids Revealed

In astrology, asteroids are planetary bodies that lie between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. They offer additional information about the psyche of the individual-especially as it relates to the feminine aspect of the personality. Lilith is a feminine asteroid that has a long interesting history that dates back to the creation of man and woman. Lilith’s energy is bold, dark, wild, free and oftentimes represents the parts of us that are rejected by others and so we reject those parts of ourselves. The key to harnessing Lilith energy is to own all parts of ourselves…even the parts that are the most favorable. Look at it this way, if Eve is the acceptable woman that we are taught to embrace, Lilith is the woman that we keep hidden for fear of being judged. The following overview of Lilith offers guidance in understanding her energy.


Lilith is an asteroid in astrology. Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was created equal to Adam-not as a subordinate like Eve his second wife. Lilith did not want to “lie beneath” Adam during sex so she fled The Garden of Eden. As the story goes, when “God” sent angels to retrieve Lilith, she refused to return. Lilith was then banished by God. In other versions of the Lilith story, it is believed that Lilith is the actual snake in the Garden of Eden that tempts Eve to defy both God and Adam by getting them to bite the apple. Lilith has achieved a reputation of being the demoness, wild, uncontrollable, sexual woman that man cannot control. She represents the archetype of the liberated woman as well as the woman that is rejected and ostracized for owning her true self and her position as an equal.

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