Releasing to Move Forward: The Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

Information Brings Clarity with the Full Moon Eclipse

November 29th-30th brings an important event-a full moon eclipse in Gemini. This eclipse is special as it combines the culmination that is associated with a full moon with the releasing and changing impact of an eclipse. With the influence of Gemini, get ready to receive incoming information and messages that are likely to influence your path forward in profound ways. The full moon eclipse in Gemini is a penumbral lunar eclipse which means that the Earth’s orbit will only block a portion of the sunlight that causes the moon’s reflection. Thus, this full moon will be a partial eclipse. It will be visible throughout the majority of Europe and Asia and portions of North and South America, the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic regions.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini
The full moon eclipse in Gemini is offering opportunities to truly understand how we communicate and how our exchanges with others impact our lives. Gemini is a cerebral planet that thrives off of communication. The attainment and sharing of information are important to this sign, but there is also a tendency to become bogged down in information to the point where the information is not assimilated in a useful manner. At this full moon eclipse, there is the opportunity to use incoming information to advance our life paths. With the current transiting north node also in the sign of Gemini, learning how to effectively communicate and synthesize information in a productive manner is of the utmost importance. Since full moons bring culminations, it is important to be cognizant of any incoming information and/or details that could bring the much-needed closure to some aspect of our lives.

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