2023 Brings in Major Planetary Shifts Affecting All Zodiac Signs


We are officially in 2023, and there are a number of planetary changes that will affect us individually and collectively. Many of these planetary shifts are related to outer planets that have a longer transit. The following is an overview of the major general astrological energies for 2023. Let’s get ready to align ourselves with these energies so that we can take advantage of them in the most productive manner.

Farewell to Saturn in Aquarius
When it comes to learning lessons and holding ourselves accountable and responsible, there’s going to be a shift as Saturn, the taskmaster, finally leaves the sign of Aquarius after its two-and-a-half-year transit on March 7, 2023. Lessons regarding how we deal with groups, the collective, and our individuality were highlighted. On a personal level, there have been lessons around where we place ourselves in terms of society, which groups we choose to associate with, and how we show up in group situations. Some of the challenges associated with Saturn in Aquarius include honoring uniqueness, claiming to have an innovative perspective while being narrow-minded, and being contrary to our disadvantage. Groupthink was also highlighted under Saturn in Aquarius.

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