Broccoli rabe recipes that make this dark leafy green easy and delicious

Is it broccoli? No! Is it complex, bitter and yummy? Yes! What is Broccoli Rabe, really?

What is Broccoli Rabe?
Maybe you’ve seen the beautifully curling tendrils at the supermarket, lush with deeply verdant leaves and studded with little cruciferous clusters of green blossoms like the more familiar broccoli crowns of weeknight dinners. However, broccoli rabe (pronounced raab) is both uniquely flavorful and distinctly different from the standard that shares its name. Related more closely to turnips than anything else, this underutilized leafy dark green has a reputation for its sharp bitter bite but like all great cooking, bringing out its true delicious qualities is all about balance. When mixed with rich and hearty flavors, this strong and versatile green gets its chance to truly shine.

Is Broccoli Rabe Healthy?
Like many dark and bitter greens like kale and collards, broccoli rabe is very nutrient dense and absolutely packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Not only does this make it a wholesome choice, but it also makes it satisfying and helps keep you feeling full. Health professionals recommend about two cups of dark leafy greens per week for a healthy diet and broccoli rabe is a tasty and versatile way to meet that requirement. While kale often gets a lot of attention as a superfood, broccoli rabe contains many of the properties that make kale such a sought after ingredient and goes beyond the salad for a wide variety of healthy and delicious dishes.

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