7 Healthy Snacks Everyone Loves

Most parents face the same dilemma: The kids come in from school hungry and tired, needing something to snack on to keep them going until dinner. On weekends, the same applies to those kids coming from whatever has kept them busy for the afternoon, be it organized sports, doing chores around the house, or even just messing around. However, you do not want to feed them the usual sugary treats and fruit has become boring. You want some healthy alternatives, and they want something fun. Here are seven options that you should consider for their afternoon snack that are quick, easy, and almost as fun to make as they are to eat.


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The Obvious Catch-All: The Ultra-Simple Snacks
Admittedly, this is more a catch-all category than an actual recipe, but it is something that needs to be pointed out when kid-friendly snacks are brought up: Sometimes the best snacks are also the simplest. This is a plate of crackers, cheese, and possibly salami or sausage slices; it only takes a few minutes to prepare and provides a boost of protein and calcium. Celery and either cheese or peanut butter are another; it provides the crunch that kids are looking for and the healthy boost parents are looking for. Even carrots and a dip of some sort will work.

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