10 Easy & Game Changing Ways to Cook Cauliflower

Sure, you have probably heard people sing the praises of broccoli, but what about its cousin the cauliflower, which mostly hides in its shadow? This pale vegetable may not naturally be bursting with flavor, but that makes it an ideal recipe component. Plus, it contains many nutrients and antioxidants, is high in fiber, may help you lose weight, is low in carbs and is easy to incorporate into many diets. Score! Go crazy for cauliflower with this roundup of our 10 best recipes. Make them and prepared to be wowed. They are so delicious!

Recipe 1: Roasted Cauliflower Steaks

Steaks do not have to be meaty! These oven roasted pieces of thickly sliced cauliflower make a satisfying plant-based meal. Salt, garlic powder and paprika make it flavorful. Plate them alongside a sauce and vegetables for a complete dinner.

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