Xbox introduces Free Beta App for Android with a Number of handy New Features

Gamers will be able to access their Xbox games from their phones


Microsoft has been gearing up for the imminent release of its latest consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Series S this November. The company recently announced more details about the greatly anticipated products, but it is not resting on its laurels in the lead up to the launch. Indeed, Microsoft has just released a beta version of an app simply called Xbox beta that will be available for Android users. The app is unique because it will allow Xbox owners to remotely play the games they own directly on their phone.

Xbox remote play is another step in the right direction for gamers on the go. This could be a nifty little feature for a wide assortment of gamers across the world for several reasons. The new app will feature new and improved design from previous Xbox builds, and what is now being called the “Xbox remote play” service, which had been known as “Console Streaming” prior to this recent launch. Xbox remote play will give gamers the ability to connect remotely to an Xbox system and subsequently access games that have already been downloaded. Xbox Insiders will already be familiar with the feature, but Xbox is opening it up now to any Android user instead of just the diehard gamers.

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