How to stay safe from hackers in the growing cyber world


Implementing Multifactor Authentication

You can use two authentication enhancement methods in 2022 to keep any account more secure. Two-factor and multi-factor options are available on most major platforms and make things safer overall. You have probably seen the prompt on many websites to store additional information for your best interest. It’s a common habit to neglect this critical step in account setup.

Despite the extra work, it’s worth the effort for only a couple of minutes. The task involves storing your phone number or recovery email so that the site can thwart hackers. The extra layer of security will save your account because you’ll have the backup information that Facebook or Youtube can verify quickly. You will also get a warning about any suspicious activity on your accounts, which is more relevant than ever. With all the sites used today, you need to prevent hackers from accessing personal information and using it against you. Extra physical security keys add even more protection in this increasingly dangerous cyber world.

Start using a password manager

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