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China Says COVID-19 Vaccine will go out in November to General Public


China produces over 30 percent of all vaccinations in the world. They say they will have a COVID-19 vaccination ready to go sometime in November, according to Wu Guizhen, head of biosafety at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who spoke on state-operated CCTV. Guizhen says she took the vaccination in April and had no localized pain and is feeling great.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Already Being Tested on Humans
The Chinese government is already testing the vaccination on humans. Every member of the military was given the vaccination in June. CanSino Biologics produced that vaccination, and workers whose jobs required them to travel overseas could opt to receive this vaccination. The official government plan says that workers classified as at high risk of getting COVID, such as healthcare workers and custom officials, were given the vaccination in July. The government says that not everyone will need to be vaccinated. Among the first remaining ones will be those living overseas in virus hotspots.

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