Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Opening Up America Again With Caution and Caveats


We finally have some very encouraging news to see some light at the end of the tunnel for this COVID-19 isolation phase we’ve been experiencing that seems to some people as if it’s been forever. Though most people held on to the hope that it would end, no one knew when it would end or how it would be done. The President released an outline on Thursday, April 16th, for governors of states to follow which will end the isolation in three phases. There is still no hard-and-fast date for the first phase to begin, though the President is hopeful that it can start on, or even before, May 1st.

The governors of the states have the discretion as to when they feel their states are ready to begin phase one for reopening of businesses and to resume other activities. They may decide to open their entire state or proceed on a county basis. The guidelines the President has set are strongly recommended for governors to follow, but they are not mandatory.

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