What changes will September bring?


September is a month of transition. Long, clear summer nights turn to crisp mornings as the fall equinox approaches. Leaves will start turning vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds. The once common sound of birds chirping in the morning will become more and more distant. Short sleeves turn into long sleeves to protect from the chilly fall breeze. Before summer officially ends, you may find yourself looking up at the cosmos and wondering, what will September bring?

While you are looking up at the vast night sky, you may notice an extra star nestled near Aquarius. Only, that isn’t a star you are seeing, it’s Neptune. At this time each year, we find Neptune at opposition. That is to say, the Earth is passing between the Sun and the planet. This is the closest we will be to the eighth planet during our annual orbit. I used to believe that Galileo, armed with his ancient telescope, was the first to discover our eighth planet. He certainly saw something in the sky where Neptune would have been. He meticulously recorded his sighting, but it is now more commonly held that he thought he was merely seeing a new star. It isn’t until the mid-1800s that Neptune is confirmed to have been seen as a planet. As late as 1998, scholars were still arguing over who should have credit for the discovery of Neptune. Even the naming of the planet wasn’t without controversy, but eventually, Neptune was accepted worldwide. A moniker from Greek or Roman mythology does seem to be the most fitting. It is actually unlikely that you would see Neptune with the naked eye. Even though it will be at its closest point to us, the eighth planet is still far, far away. However, a pair of strong binoculars, or a telescope will suffice to see Neptune in all of its glory. Even so, Neptune may simply look like a new star popped up in the Aquarius constellation. Read on to learn more on what our astrologers had to say about September.

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