Fortnite Goes to War With Apple and Google Over App Store Policies

Fortnite, the popular video game has recently been kicked off of the Google Play Store due to direct violations of the appstore's guidelines.

Any child or teenager could tell you what Fortnite is, yet the answers vary per person. It is a video game that is formatted as a battle royale. Essentially, players from around the world can hop into a match and battle to become the last player standing. Battle royale games have become very popular in current times as we view the rise of other games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and League of Legends.

These games are typically free to play unless you would like to access paid features by purchasing the battle pass. The battle pass gives items such as new character skins, weapon skins, banner customization add-ons, and more. Most of these games also host frequents sales in which they offer rare add-ons for a price.

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