Past Life: Where Was Your Spirit in a Previous Life


Being honest, have you ever had the feeling life connections are more than just someone’s imagination? Bizarre little networks of information mysteriously appear in your field of vision in some unexpected format or from a completely unforeseen person. A certain aroma turns into a feeling of warmth or fear with no clear memory attached. Dreams come with snippets of a place or a life that belongs to you but is completely unfamiliar. Some people have been known to harbor phobias or fears that are irrational and unexplained. Maybe you’ve noticed your own or someone else’s affinity for a certain culture or era of time. Of course, there are logically thinking, serious people that would tell you there is a perfectly sound explanation for these characteristics or coincidences, but they may not be quite so easy to elucidate.

Perhaps those connections and those quirks are small glimpses of a previous life. Kinships of astrology signs and strong links to specific decades are all part of a look back to another time and another piece of history. When one body dies, what happens to the spirit? If our minds are the most powerful thing in existence, and it allows our emotions and deeply-rooted feelings, those spiritual dimensions need to seek another source of life. Where has your soul been, and who did it belong to in the past?

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