Why having Friends not your age can help you grow as a person


Having a lot of friends is always a good thing. The other aspect of this is that you ideally have a lot of friends that are diverse and different from one another. This is because it is beneficial to have friends that aren’t just the same as you, especially in terms of age.

There are many benefits to forming friendships with those that aren’t your exact age. For one, they have a unique perspective on life. If they are older than you, they will have lived through more and remembered the world in a different way. For instance, if you are in your 20’s and your friend is in their mid- 30’s, they remember the world without cell phones and high speed internet. This can be quite valuable to learn about and can make you think about things a bit differently. Not only do they remember the world differently, they are able to reference things further back in time that you might not be aware even existed. There might be some movie that is perfect for you that was released long before you were born that they might simply know about and tell you. There is indeed value to the expression that with age comes wisdom.

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