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How Long Are You Immune to COVID-19 and Will a Vaccine Work?

If you are like many of us, you are struggling to balance your life and make the appropriate decisions to protect the health of your family. The school year is right around the corner and the news is flooded with reports of record numbers of new infections.
With over 14 million people infected and more than 600,000 global deaths, a mere 6 months since COVID-19 was first reported, herd immunity may be the key to bringing an end to this global pandemic and restoring some normalcy to our lives. There are two ways that people can become immune to the virus; contracting the virus and vaccination.
However, these methods are only effective if they produce a lasting immune system response to ward off future infections. That’s why everyone wants to know how long you are immune to COVID-19 after infection or vaccination.
To answer this, we need to look into how the immune system kills viruses and how vaccines may work to bring an end to the current pandemic.

The Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for identifying and destroying infections in the body. T-cells, which are developed in the thymus, identify a virus or infection in your body and signal b-cells, which are produced by the bone marrow, to produce antibodies to neutralize the virus before it infects healthy cells. However, these antibodies are just one part of your body’s immune system response.
Whereas b-cells produce antibodies to neutralize viruses before they can infect healthy cells, some t-cells, called cytotoxic t-cells, use special proteins to identify infected cells and kill the infected cell before the virus infecting it it can spread.
Viruses adapt quickly and can trick the t-cells into not recognizing it. That means that the immune system may overlook it and allow it to spread. If the immune system doesn’t recognize a virus, it can spread quickly through the cells of the body.
It takes time for the immune system to identify, target, and appropriately attack a new virus. As the virus reacts, it can quickly change how the immune system remembers and responds to it.
Immunity occurs when your body’s immune system recognizes a virus and responds quickly to kill it and the infected cells before they spread and you become ill.

Developing Immunity

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