Tips on Lowering your Cholesterol


Though cholesterol has gotten a bad reputation over the years, the human body can’t do without it. Cholesterol is a sterol, which means it’s a type of lipid. It’s necessary to help the body make hormones, cell membranes and vitamin D, which is created when sunlight strikes cholesterol in the skin. There are several types of cholesterol, but the type of cholesterol that’s problematic is LDL, or low level density lipoprotein. This is the type of cholesterol that combines with other chemicals to clog the lining of blood vessels with plaque. This can lead to such problems as cardiovascular disease. LDL is the type of cholesterol that doctors recommend to be lowered if it gets too high. How can that be done?

Tips on Lowering Cholesterol: Lose Weight
A person doesn’t even need to be obese to have elevated cholesterol. Even a few pounds over their ideal weight can lead to elevated cholesterol, so weight loss is vital. This means eating healthy food and cutting down greatly on fizzy, sugary sodas and candies, cakes and cookies chock full of nuts, chocolate, nougat, cream and other fillings. Swap them out, as much as possible, for fruits or even candies that don’t have a lot of fat. Exercise also helps with weight loss and enhances overall fitness. This can be as simple as walking 15 minutes a day, working in the garden or even doing housework.

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