Easy Freezer Tips That Will Save You A Fortune


Freezing is a convenient and quick way to preserve food for your family. Fruits and vegetables frozen at home have higher quality. Whether you are freezing fresh produce or last night’s left-overs, you can combat food waste, and have plenty of food on standby for future enjoyment.

Food Safety Tips For Freezing
Freezing food does not kill foodborne bacteria. It only slows down bacterial reproduction. This is why food does not spoil when it is frozen. Once you thaw it, the bacteria will become active again. Upon thawing, food must be cooked or eaten. Before you freeze food, make sure your freezer is at zero degrees Fahrenheit or colder. A refrigerator-freezer thermometer is a must-have. You can usually purchase a set for under 10 dollars. One is for the freezer and the other is for the fridge.

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