Pisces & The Return To The Universe


As we began our trek through Pisces season, exploring the position of Pisces as the final sign on the astrological wheel is significant. Pisces represents the duality of spirit in the physical. In the sign of Pisces, this is where all of the previous incarnations as the previous 11 zodiac signs are considered. Pisces is also where the ego identity is dissolved so that the soul can transition back to oneness with Source. While Pisces also represents the dream state and the subconscious, most importantly, it represents the wrapping up of this physical experience and returning to the universal experience of Oneness.

Pisces & The Journey Home
When Pisces refers to “going home,” they are referring to the return to Spirit and/or the Source from which they came. “Home” is different for Pisces, especially when compared to its fellow water sign Cancer. For Cancer, home is a place in this physical realm that offers security and refuge from the outside world. Many Pisces live with the longing for the return to the Source that allows them to be reabsorbed into oneness and remove the perceived illusion of separation.

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