Why It Best Not To Move Forward On A Voided Moon


If you are someone who studies astrology or is interested in moon cycles, you understand just how important lunar energy is. The moon changes astrological signs every 2 ½ days, so if you are interested in doing any type of divination or manifestation using lunar energy, it is definitely important for you to understand how to use lunar energy to your benefit. One aspect of lunar energy that is not often spoken about is the void of course moon. This void of course moon is a time that is very important to note especially for those who are seeking to use lunar energy for affirmation and timing purposes.

What is A Voided Moon?
So, what exactly is a voided moon? A void of course moon is when the moon makes a final major aspect before changing to a new astrological sign. The period of the void of course ends officially when the moon moves into a new zodiac sign. The time of the void of course can last anywhere from a few minutes, to several hours, and on rare occasions, even a whole day. The reason why the void of course is so important is that it actually occurs quite often especially when you consider that the moon changes zodiac signs every 2 ½ days.

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