Why Some People Get Along: The Art of Astro Compatibility


Have you ever wondered why some zodiac signs get along better than others? Why is it that Capricorn and Virgo seem to hit it off but Gemini and Scorpio are at odds? This has a lot to do with astro compatibility. From trines to sextiles to squares and oppositions, there are specific astrological aspects that determine which zodiac signs are likely to be harmonious or disharmonious. It’s important to note that no one is just one sign. We are all a mixture of the 12 zodiac signs throughout our natal chart, and it is important to consider the totality of the natal chart to obtain accurate relationship zodiac compatibility.

Getting Along: Why Some Astro Signs Just Click
It is true that there are certain zodiac signs that are more compatible in temperament and action than others. This is usually the case when zodiac signs are in the same element such as fire, air, water, and earth. These zodiac signs are considered trine. Compatibility is also higher amongst signs where the elements work well together such as fire and air or water and earth. These zodiac signs that are in different elements that work well together are considered sextile. The following is an overview of the harmonious astrological aspects that occur within zodiac compatibility.

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