Loving in a Unique Way with Venus in Aquarius


On February 1, 2021, Venus, the planet of love, values, and finances, moves into the sign of Aquarius until February 25, 2021. When Venus meets Aquarius, it’s time to think out the box when it comes to Venusian topics. With Valentine’s Day coming, understanding the energy associated with Venus in Aquarius is important. To get the most out of this transit, seek that which is free, unconventional, and different when it comes to your love life, finances, and values.

The Unconventional Lover with Venus in Aquarius
When Venus transits Aquarius, love, and relationships take on a “different” energy. While in Capricorn, Venus was serious, deeply committed, and focused on tradition. Now that Venus has moved on to the sign of Aquarius, it is time to consider love from a unique angle. Aquarius is the one sign that does not care about tradition. It seeks that which can free it from limitations. In the venus placement, you can expect to be confronted with seeking freedom in relationships, bucking the status quo by choosing different types of relationships, and a desire to have relationships that are often like friendships. Venus in Aquarius is the unconventional lover that prefers partnerships that expand the mental capacity, so people that are not able to satisfy the mental plane need not apply.

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