Expand Your Travel Horizons With Sagittarius


Sagittarius season is officially here, and travel is highlighted! We can thank Sagittarius for seeking new horizons that offer new consciousness-expanding perspectives. Whether you’re looking to book that vacation to some far-off locale or maybe you are interested in just exploring nature in the New Way, Sagittarius is all about traveling both physically and mentally. While for some people travel is a luxury, for Sagittarius travel is not only a necessity but also a way of life.

Why Sagittarius Seeks New Horizons
Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is an expansive sign. They are the types that seek new experiences beyond what they are used to. The foreign and unknown appeals to Sagittarius. With the arrow as Sagittarius’ glyph, they are aiming at something beyond their own vision. Although Sagittarius doesn’t know where the arrow will land, they are excited and have faith in what is to come. Because Sagittarius is an expansive, mutable zodiac sign, they understand that to experience more than what they know, they have to be willing to seek out the unknown.

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