These Four Asteroid ‘Aunties’ Spill the Tea on Life, Love and Happiness

In astrology, our main focus is on the sun, planets and signs of the zodiac. These solar bodies paint the broad strokes of our personalities and offer us general predictions of the future. However, there are smaller members of the solar system that help us fill in the more nuanced details of our horoscope, the asteroids. Although there are thousands of asteroids in the asteroid belt, the first four identified and interpreted in astrology are Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres.

Are you wondering if your partner is marriage material or what career you should pursue? Consider these ladies like your aunties that have all the right answers (and now we have them too). Read on to find out how the main four asteroids got their name and what they can tell you about your heart and mind!

Ceres – Nuturance

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