The Supermodel Vs. The Football Legend: Tom & Gisele’s Expensive Divorce


A Sports and Fashion Collaboration for the Ages

For the past decade, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen sparkled in the media as one of the most famous power couples on the planet. With the kind of name recognition that could only come from massive domination in two industries — fashion and football, in this instance — the pair formed their own special kind of supernova.

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady was photographed at fashion events like the Met Gala while Brazilian supermodel Gisele would often be seen on the New England football field. In public, the two certainly seemed to support one another’s goals. However, cracks appeared from time to time. On Howard Stern’s show, Brady once revealed that Bündchen sent him a letter insisting that Brady should help to carry some of the weight in their marriage. If the quarterback didn’t spend more time with his family, Gisele hinted that she would leave the marriage.

The Dramatic Beginning of Brady and Bündchen’s Relationship

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